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Yum for your Tum

Do you know over 50% of Australians complain of gut related health issues every year? An increasing amount of studies are revealing gut health can have great impact upon your mood, immune system, digestive regularity and more.

So join the gut health revolution and keep your gut happy by enjoying a daily dose of Made Group’s newest product- Rokeby Farms Probiotic.

This probiotic cultured milk is made the authentic Swedish way by slow fermenting fresh locally sourced milk with live cultures and probiotics.

Packed with a high potency of over 50 billion good bacteria per serve and a broad spectrum of 15 live cultures and probiotics, Rokeby Farms Probiotic helps maintain healthy gut flora and regulate your digestive system.

It’s a real and wholesome option containing no powders or artificial additives, and is so easy to incorporate into your daily routine- drink it on it’s own, pour over cereal or fruit for breakfast or blend in a smoothie for an arvo snack!

Give it a go- your gut will thank you for it!