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New NutrientWater….new logo, new label design and new light-weight packaging


NutrientWater has just refreshed its packaging with a revised update to it’s logo, label and bottle design. The new label design aims to modernises and refresh the original look and feel while remaining very true to the original roots of the brand and remaining instantly recognisable to those who have grown to love the brand. The new logo is printed with a metallic silver ink gradient overlay giving dimension to the logo which was previously only printed in black and white.

While only noticable to those who know the brand well, the NutrientWater bottle has actually undergone some significant changes, most noticeably the amount of plastic used in the bottle.

In 2013 Made invested in state-of-the-art bottle blowing equipment meaning it no longer transports bottles already blown at another location instead blows its own PET bottles inline. This means a significant reduction in packaging freight and also allows up to 50% of the plastic to be removed from the original bottle. This has lead to a significant improvement on our environmental impact.