Our mission is to make innovative products that are good for our health and good for our planet. – Matt Dennis, Director

Made Impact

Committed to improving the health and nutrition of our customers we use fresh, natural and organic ingredients in our products and never use artificial additives or preservatives.

Across every element of our manufacturing process we look for ways to lighten our load on the environment. We have invested in a number of key initiatives which are helping to drive this change:

  • On-site bottle blow-moulding using lighter weight PET plastic bottles reduces plastic by up to 50%;
  • On-site bottle blow-moulding reduces in-bound packaging transportation by more than 90%;
  • Recyclable bottles, labels and outer packaging helps reduce total packaging ;
  • LED lighting improves energy efficiency; and
  • On-site storage and logistics located at point of manufacturing leads to reduced freight.

While we are very proud to have implemented these initiatives, at the end of the day, we know there is still much more to be done.