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Impressed launches a new line of 100% Aussie fruit juice

Impressed Pressed Juices

Crafting the highest quality juice starts with sourcing the best quality fruit from local Aussie growers.

Our juice masters carefully mill, squeeze and press the fruit, extracting every drop of nature’s goodness.

Our new range of pressed juice is available in 1L bottles- making it the perfect premium juice to stock in your fridge at home for the ultimate refreshment. The range is ideal for families to enjoy with breakfast, lunch or dinner too!

No added sugars, no concentrates and no artificial flavours or colours- it’s packed full of 100% Aussie goodness and no nasties.

This new range is now available in a range of flavours- Orange Juice with pulp, Orange Juice pulp-free, Apple and Tropical.

Pick one up from your local Woolworths store.