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Impressed has plant’s answer to dairy milk

Impressed Plant Milk - Plants Answer to Milk

It’s time to get #impressed!

We’re excited to announce the launch of Impressed Plant Milk– plant’s answer to milk.

Impressed Plant Milk is a genuine dairy-free alternative made from plants with a nutritional profile like dairy milk.

Made from a special blend of nuts and legumes Impressed Plant Milk celebrates everything it does contain just as much as what it doesn’t.

It contains as much protein and calcium as dairy milk. Comprising of protein from nuts and plant proteins- pea and faba bean, good fats, and a blend of vitamins and minerals- it is a nutritious plant based option to include as part of your daily life.

It’s time to trade in thin, watery nut milks for a full-bodied alternative with a smooth and creamy texture. Perfect on it’s own, poured on your favorited muesli or blended in nutritious smoothies, Impressed Plant Milk is a versatile everyday alternative. Approved by baristas, it foams and textures perfectly for a delicious full-bodied coffee, tea or chai latte.

Impressed Plant Milk comes in two varieties- Original and Unsweetened.

Head to your local chilled milk aisle at Coles and try it today.