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Cocobella community get’s creative

Cocobella recipes

With so many delicious fruits and vegetables in season, autumn is a wonderful time to head to the kitchen and try out some new healthy recipes. Eating seasonally ensures ingredients are at their peak in terms of flavour and also helps to support local farmers.

We love learning about how our Cocobella Ambassadors include Cocobella coconut water and coconut yoghurt in their day-to-day routine and cooking. Enjoyed on their own, or used as ingredients within recipes our Cocobella products are a fresh and healthy option to enjoy as part of a healthy balanced diet.  Head over to Cocobella Recipes on the Cocobella website to be inspired by a collection of recipes produced by our amazing community.

Cherie Tu of @thrivingonplants says Cocobella is a staple in her fridge. “I ALWAYS use Cocobella in my smoothies, it’s definitely my first choice of liquid as it’s naturally sweet and super refreshing. It also comes in handy when I create raw desserts, whether that’s to help things bind to together or to help with blending batters.” See her amazing Vanilla and Blueberry Acai Cheesecakes here or whip up her Vanilla Overnight Oats for a quick and delicious breakfast.

See more smoothie recipes, breakfast ideas, savoury options and dessert inspiration from our Cocobella community here and be inspired for your next cooking adventure this season.